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A Sonnet for a Former Princess

Between 1538 and 1543, the Tudor literary courtier Henry Parker, Lord Morley (about 1486-1556), presented the future queen Mary I with a New Year’s gift that included ‘an Italion ryme called soneto’ in English.[i]...


William Davison: A Re-Introduction

For early modern historians, the cast of the Elizabethan polity may seem all too familiar. However, one privy councillor is much less recognisable. As a diplomat and principal secretary, William Davison participated in events...


Exploring Monarchy in Medieval Europe: 1000-1500

In early 2025, Routledge will publish a History textbook entitled Exploring Monarchy in Medieval Europe: 1000-1500 (EMME), a work which is currently under construction by Dr Elena (Ellie) Woodacre (University of Winchester), Dr Lucinda...


The Quest for a Perfect Stadtholderian Bride

In 1648, the Dutch count Willem Frederik of Nassau-Dietz sent one of his courtiers to France in order to find him a bride. In the instructions for his courtier, he explained that it was...

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